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There are a variety of applications on the Google Play Store, which is the Android's app store and allows users to buy and download the apps that they want. One of the popular applications is the Android Live Wallpaper. It's a new addition to the Android experience which has something to do with the weather. The application runs a desktop background which shows a nice live wallpaper which can be activated by the application's application setting.

When downloading this application, a user will need to have the Google Play Services installed on the device. This is a system component of the Android OS which allows various types of system services to be used in apps. For instance, if a device had the Google Location Services which had not been used before, it can use this service in order to show the user's location. The application works by tracking the device's location through GPS and displaying a different type of wallpaper to that location. For example, if the user is in Hawaii, the app will show a different kind of wallpaper. The main purpose of this application is to show an interesting wallpaper which can be enjoyed while using the Android device.

The application also has the capability to run in the background which makes it easier for users to operate the application. This application works without needing to be focused and enables users to have more control over the operating system. Another way in which this application can be useful to a user is by making it easy for users to get updates for the device and its applications. The latest news and changes that have happened in the device can be displayed by using this application. With the application available, users will be able to receive updates without having to wait for the updates to be released through other means such as the Google Play Store.

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